As a dentist in practice since 1982 my career has been dedicated to preserving and restoring my patient's natural teeth and function. My philosophy is that of prevention and maintenance of our God given natural teeth. However, in spite our best and most diligent efforts it is sometimes necessary to remove all weak, decayed or hopeless teeth and restore both esthetics and function with dentures. For well over 100 years the main method of replacing a full arch of teeth has been the conventional denture, made with the same technology used for decades. I have developed my skills and techniques in the provision of the highest quality and naturally beautiful dentures. This has been a special interest of mine and a special focus of my practice in addition to the other services I proudly and enthusiastically provide.



                              AvaDent Biohygenic Denture                                                       AvaDent Denture with Two Implants

 This is an exciting time to be involved in the provision of dental care as advances in materials and techniques have influenced all aspects of the art and science of dentistry. One of the most exciting and promising advances is that of technology in utilizing Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) in many aspects of dentistry. Utilizing this technology I can now provide even better fitting, stronger and more hygienic dentures in a shorter period of time. Because the data used in manufacturing a denture is stored in a digital file, your denture, if lost, can be remade without the need for new molds and fittings. 




                            AvaDent Fixed Hybrid Denture                                                                    AvaDent Immediate Denture

I am both proud and excited to now be providing AvaDent Digital Dentures for my patients. My initial procedures for providing excellent fitting and functioning dentures have not changed, it is my accuracy in this important first step that is improved upon by the digital process. Of course, these can be made to function with implants to provide even better fit, function and retention.




                                                                                                AvaDent Perfect- Fit Denture

I provide a full array of denture services from traditional conventional dentures to dentures supported and retained by implants. The improvements in retention and stability that implants provide are amazing. We also collaborate with oral and periodontal surgeons to plan ideal placement of implants to provide the best fitting, comfortable and cosmetically pleasing dentures. 


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